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Project Description
The aim of this project is to have a .Net and Silverlight library for the Speex codec. The original source can be found under

As a start we using the latest published version of speex (1.2_rc1) and write a C# wrapper around the pre-compiled static library. Following steps will be focus towards fully implement speex in C#.
This project will also include a demo application using WCF to transfer audio over the network. For recording and playback of the voice we will be using NAudio and Silverlight AudioSource respectively.

Current Project Stage:
  1. Setting Up Source Code (done)
  2. Implementing first version of wrapper (done)
  3. Enhancing wrapper to provide full Speex functionality (done to some degree)
  4. Implement Speex codec in C#; using port of JSpeex (done using JSpeex 0.9.2 which is based on Speex 1.0.3)
  5. upgrading NSpeex to latest version of Speex (version 1.2rc1)
  6. Implementing Speex for Silverlight (done)
  7. Silverlight demo application (work in progress, suggestions welcome)

Thanks to:
If you are looking for a good Video Conferencing Codec as well have a look at which is a similar project for the Theora codec found under

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